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An Art Installation by Shoni Labowitz

We are living in dangerous times when wars and hostility, bigotry and indifference, threaten our security and can destroy the values we hold dear – as individuals and as a society.  Yet, I believe that within each person is a pure spirit that beckons to be recognized and wants do good in this world.  I also believe that art is not meant to imitate reality, but to create a vision of what is possible and make it real. 

“Be the Miracle: a Journey to the Self,’ was created in order to draw out the goodness within each person that fosters a more positive reality than the one in which we currently abide.

With the use of sound, light, film and sculpture, the viewer moves through four environments: Communication, Compassion, Transformation, and Revelation.  The final walk on the path of this exhibit  leads to an antique framed mirror with a message that can only be seen when one looks into their own image.  It is my intention that once the viewer walks through the installation, they will have gained a new or renewed insight into his/her commitment to becoming the solution – the attainable miracle that enhances life for all.

Due to the multiple languages used in the various displays of this exhibit, more people of varying cultures were positively impacted – enabling each viewer to identify with their own language, their own origins.  Because of the values orientation, multi-cultural and universal aspects of this exhibit it attracted numerous groups and individuals of all ages, faiths and backgrounds.

Some comments from viewers:

“I was so deeply moved, there are not enough words to describe it – I’ll have to come back again …”

“…a profound experience.  It brought me to tears.”

“I’m a real skeptic about art installations, but this one touched my soul.”

“I took the ‘pledge’ cards and handed one to each of my family, keeping mine on my desk where I can see it daily.”

“The installation is superb! I felt privileged, proud and pleased to view and experience its beauty, strength and messages in the marvelously creative way presented.”

And from a collector at Art Basel: “I came out of curiosity and was most pleasantly surprised.  You belong among the top 10% artists of today.  Your work is original, well- develop, and has continuity and good energy.”



EmaiI Inquirylmailto:shonilabowitz@bellsouth.net?subject=email%20subject

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