Artist’s   Biography


Holiness cannot be seen, yet sees all.

It cannot be touched, yet touches all.

It cannot be heard,

yet its melody sings throughout all creation.

It is both in the world and of the world.

Holiness is being in union with God

and encountering spiritual union

in all dimensions of life.

[Shoni Labowitz, Miraculous Living, Simon and Schuster]

After a distinguished career as a nationally known lecture, radio host and published author, Shoni Labowitz has returned to her lifelong dream of being a fulltime artist.  Shoni Labowitz’ art is an extension of her spirituality, as evident in her subject matter.  “Whether it’s feeling the bristles of the brush against the canvas, stroking colors into shapes, or feeling the clay beneath my hands,” she says, “it is all a form of prayer – a way to connect with the Divine in all things.”

Labowitz’ sculptures dance in motion and color,  they are at once ancient, yet modern – meditative, yet moving.  Her background in Kabbalah inspires the mystical qualities seen in several paintings and mixed media works, while the inspiration for the “Nature Series” comes from her experiences in teaching and writing about the reclamation of Eve and the empowerment of Women.   In this series of paintings, Shoni Labowitz exposes the details in the wonders of nature as metaphors for life - as in “Still Life…” the palm frond that is dying yet still brings life;  and the way leaves gather like a family – with one individuating and trying to leave the fold, as in and “One Gets Away.”


    Designed Bronze Holocaust Memorial, Temple Beth Israel,  Ft. Laud., Fl.

    Artist, Pucker Safrai Gallery, Boston

Graphic Artist & Designer, Weston-Ganoff,  Ft. Laud., Fl.

Artist Intern,  Instructional Television

Director of Publications, Hebrew Day School of Ft. Lauderdale

Art Teacher, Temple Beth Israel, Ft. Laud., Fl.;  Kadimah Day School, Buffalo, N.Y.

Journalist Photographer, Barton-Gillette Art Agency,



Jewish Museum of South Florida

Artsonian Gallery,  during Art Basel, Miami, Fl.

STL Studios, Ft. Laud., Fl.

Broward Community College, Ft. Laud., Fl

Weberg Lotz Gallery, Ft. Laud., Fl.

Penn State University, Uniontown, Pa.


Art Serve, Ft. Laud., FL

Sunrise Civic Center, Ft. Laud., FL

Ann Norton Museum, Palm Beach,  FL

NAWA, Armory Center, Palm Beach & Aventura, Fl.

Broadway Gallery, Ft. Laud. ,Fl.

Art on The Edge Gallery, Ft. Laud., Fl.

2+3 Artists Group, Ft. Laud., Fl.

Heinz Hall Invitational “23 in 73”, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Pittsburgh Annual Twin Towers Show

Westmoreland Museum Show, Greensborough, Pa.


“An Invitation to Prayer” [TAO 2000]

    “God, Sex and Women of the Bible: Discovering Our Spiritual, Sensual Selves”

    [Simon & Schuster, 1998]

    “Miraculous Living: A Guided Journey through the Ten Gates of the Kabbalistic Tree

     of Life”  [Simon & Schuster, 1996]

                            RADIO HOST 

     Creator, Host,  “Spiritual Focus”, WNN-AM weekly


                          TELEVISION APPEARANCES  [partial listing]

      WABU-TV, “Extreme Close-up,” Boston, Mass.

     NBC-TV, News 10, “Today”, Phila., Pa.

     Century Cable TV , “Connie Morrison”, Santa Monica

     KBHK-TV, “The Susan Sakura Show”;  “The Leon Charney Report”;

     FOX-TV, “The Judith Regan Show”, New York, N.Y.


                        KEYNOTE/LECTURER [partial listing]

     New York Open Center; Disney Institute;  Nova Southeastern University; Broward

     Community College; Kripala Yoga Retreat; Women’s American ORT;  B’nai Brith 

     Women’s Conference;  University Synagogue of Brentwood; Beverly Hills Temple of

     the Arts…



       Rabbinical Ordination, P’nai Or; M.A., Norwich University; B.S., Barry University; Moore College ofArt; Maryland Institute of Art



      Woman of Vision, Weitzman Institute;  Dictionary of International Biographies; The

      Marquis Who’s Who in America;  Delta Epsilon Sigma;  Dean’s Award,

      Barry University


© shoni labowitz